Here at Place Painting, you can expect a high quality of work with attention to detail for all your painting needs. We offer both residential and commercial painting services as well as deck staining and wall paper removal.
We specialise in providing a tailored and personalized experience for every project. We ensure that each project receives our full attention until the job is complete. Unlike larger companies who tend to work on numerous projects at a time, we treat every project like its our only project, because it is!
We offer color consulting and input for those who need it, as well as color matching and digital color visualization software provided on the Sherwin Williams website. Our paint supplier Sherwin Williams also offers a large array of colors and sheens to meet the needs of any project and room.
Call us to learn more about our services and how we can help you from start to finish.



Painting the Wall


Interior painting includes the cost of paint, masking materials and any wall imperfections that need to be fixed. For new construction primer and two coats of paint will be included on the bid. For residential re-paints the costs of filling nail holes and patching other large holes will be included in the estimate as well as two coats of paint on the walls. Costs for each interior job are assessed during the estimate as will be explained in detail to you when you receive our estimated costs.

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Wall paper removal is a process of moistening the wall paper with a softening agent and then scrapping the wall paper off. This service is offered at $35 an hour and can be estimated for a total costs during a walk through of the project. Typically after the removal of the wall paper the walls need to be sanded and re-painted. To determine exactly what your home needs please call and we can discuss the project and what it would entail to have your house looking like new.

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Scraping of Wallpaper
Backyard Washing


Deck staining and sanding are offered during the summer months and can be assessed during a meeting. Typical deck staining includes the costs of re-applying the same color stain to the deck. Changing the color of a stain to a previously stained deck tends to be a bit more expensive because the current stain needs to be removed before applying the new stain. This can be done a few ways, through the use of a chemical stripper, as well as a floor and railing sand. This will get the deck ready to accept the new stain. Please call to consult with us in order to get a better idea of what your deck needs as well as some different options with different price points.

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Place Painting offers a wide range of commercial painting services that includes pressure washing scraping, and paint spraying. We also offer commercial grade products and primers that will ensure a lasting result in the harshest climates. Please call today to discuss products and solutions for you commercial needs.

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Hand Holding Color Swatches


Color matching is a wonderful tool that allows any in your home to be matched perfectly. This results in exceptional touch up work, as well as the use of better high quality products in the same colors you love. More often then not color matching is a solution to those looking to fix problems without breaking the bank. Touch up work if often less expensive and make your home look ten times better. Color matching can also be utilized to re-apply the same color to you walls, which will allow you to get away with one coat cutting costs in half. Please call to see if color matching is right for you.

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Painting vinyl is a great way to improve the look of you home. But making sure that you are using a vinyl safe paint is extremely important or the paint will not bond correctly and end up costing you thousands more to remove the incorrect paint. Sherwin Williams offers a large selection of colors in a vinyl safe formula that will not bubble under the summer heat. Please consult with us today to learn more about this service and how it can improve the look of your fading vinyl siding.

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Residential Housing Complex


We offer a wide range of exterior house painting and staining options. We paint brick, vinyl, wood, and aluminum siding. Done professionally with proper prep work and application processes. We ensure that your home will not only look good, but will have a lasting finish. Call today to see how Place Painting can help improve your properties value.

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